Why Autonomous Cars Aren’t Hit by the Trolley Problem

Monday, June 27, 2016 Imagine you are driving down a two-lane mountain road.  As you round a bend, you see five pedestrians in your lane.  You do not have enough space to stop before hitting them, but in the other lane there is only one pedestrian.  Do you stay in your lane, killing five? Do you swerve into the other lane, killing one?  Or do you steer off the road and down the mountain, avoiding the pedestrian fatality but likely killing yourself?  Can you make that decision better than an autonomous car? You may recognize this scenario as the trolley problem studied in many introductory philosophy classes.  There are many articles arguing that trolley problem scenarios present an ethical dilemma for autonomous cars, and are a block to the cars’…

Link to Full Article: Why Autonomous Cars Aren’t Hit by the Trolley Problem

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