Why data science is just grade school math and writing

Image: iStockphoto/anyaberkut Say the words “data science” and images of number-crunching propellerheads come to mind, or rocket scientists moonlighting as interpreters of an enterprise’s Hadoop cluster. But, according to Noah Lorang, a data scientist for Basecamp: “Data scientists mostly just do arithmetic.” Basic math? Really? Is that what companies are paying outsized salaries to recruit and retain? People that can add and subtract? Yes there are two paths you can go by… The answer, of course, is “maybe.” It depends on the target audience. As I’ve outlined before, data science breaks down into two categories: Data science intended for human consumption and data science intended for machine consumption. SEE: Job description: Data scientist (Tech Pro Research) For the latter audience, data science “involves complex digital models that ingest large amounts…

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