Why humanity’s Rorke’s Drift falling to computer Zulus matters

Right, get your affairs in order, tell your family you love them and take a long walk in a peaceful park, because surely the End of Days is nearly upon us. Go, an ancient Chinese board game and pretty much the last one to resist the onslaught of computers that have already thrashed us at chess, Super Mario and Jeopardy, has finally succumbed. Google’s artificial intelligence outfit DeepMind has developed a computer that last year in secret beat a professional Go player, according to a Nature article released last week. Here’s Deepmind’s Demis Hassabis crowing over his machine’s triumph: Ok maybe the hand-wringing is overwrought. AI computers might be dab hands at film recommendations and board games, but we are far from singularity, or Skynet reigning o’er the…

Link to Full Article: Why humanity’s Rorke’s Drift falling to computer Zulus matters

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