Why Java in Big Data? What about Scala?

Why Java? Why not? What about Scala? Or Python. I use all three for various parts of Big Data projects. Use the best tool for the job. A lot of things can be orchestrated and managed without any coding through Apache NiFi 1.0. Some things like TensorFlow are best done in Python, while Spark and Flink jobs could be Scala, Python, or Java. Apache Beam is Java only (Spotify added a Scala interface, but it’s not official yet. If you are a really strong Java 8 developer and code clean, you can write Hadoop Map Reduce, Kafka, Spark, Flink, Apex. Apache NiFi is written in Java and so is most of Hadoop, so it’s Big Data scale. Spark and others are written mostly in Scala. Ecosystem Scala and Java share…

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