Will artificial intelligence be threat to human society?

South Korea’s Lee Sedol finally broke the myth of AlphaGo, the computer created by DeepMind, after losing three consecutive matches, rallying to win himself and humanity some dignity to beat the Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) program in Game 4 of five-game human vs. machine Go-chess showdown on Sunday. (Xinhua file photo) by Gregory Dimopoulos SYDNEY, March 15 (Xinhua) — Google supercomputer AlphaGo outsmarted South Korean Go champion Lee Sedol, winning 4-1 in the best of five game series that came to an end on Tuesday, as people begin to wonder whether the ever-changing world of artificial intelligence (AI) will one day pose a threat to the human society. Michael Thielscher, a professor at Australia’s University of New South Wales (UNSW), said the supercomputer can only play Go and is unableā€¦

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