Will ‘Humans’ Return For Season 2 Or Are The Synths Headed For The Junkyard? Don’t Reboot …

I wouldn’t mind having a robot—excuse me, a Synth—around to do my chores for me. Hell, I’d even settle for a Roomba. But I can understand the lurking feeling of dread that some people have about AI, as well as the prevalence of sci-fi movies where technology becomes the enemy. Still, a little bit of robotic help goes a long way, is all I’m saying. So, when it comes to Humans, the Synth-filled drama that airs its finale on Aug. 16, has the human race had enough? Or will AMC renew Humans for a second season?

Looks like the robots win this round: AMC has already announced that the show, which is co-produced with Channel 4 in England, will return for Season 2. Whether or not this was the decision of human network executives or a hack by the Synths doesn’t really matter, right? The bad news: The series doesn’t even begin production on the next eight episodes until 2016, according to Slashfilm. Luckily, we’re living in a golden age of AI movies, and if you’re interested in the fictional repercussions of artificial intelligence, here’s what you can watch in the meantime.

Ex Machina

the movie is not very good. Mull over the question in your mind, and you’ll have just as satisfying of an experience.


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You won’t believe what happens next.

Will ‘Humans’ Return For Season 2 Or Are The Synths Headed For The Junkyard? Don’t Reboot …

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