Will Intel Lead the Charge Into ‘Real-World’ Deep Learning?

To solve real-world problems with AI, a deep learning system would need to be trained on a trillion parameters in 20 minutes. That may happen soon.Even Intel is willing to admit that computers are great at crunching numbers, but not so great that they also make good decision-makers. Based on a recent webinar about the hardware advancements that have made better artificial intelligence (AI) possible, and what the future holds, that is about to change, and much faster than many would believe. Pradeep Dubey, the director of the Parallel Computing Lab at Intel, explained the difference between traditional AI systems and newer implementations like deep learning—primarily, it’s about who is making the rules. In traditional AI, humans have to create rule-based systems for understanding which data should be processed, and how.…

Link to Full Article: Will Intel Lead the Charge Into ‘Real-World’ Deep Learning?

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