With artificial intelligence, researcher aims to make planes ‘uncrashable’

TOKYO — August is a month of mourning in Japan. It is a time to commemorate the end of World War II and remember the millions who perished. Thirty years ago, another tragedy left an indelible mark on the nation’s psyche: the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123.

On Aug 12, 1985, shortly after takeoff, the plane suffered an explosive decompression that led to a loss of control. The Boeing 747 crashed into Mount Osutaka, north of Tokyo, killing 520. It remains the world’s deadliest crash involving a single aircraft.

This year, officials and bereaved family members held a solemn anniversary ceremony at the crash site, lighting 520 candles and offering silent prayers.

To prevent such a disaster from happening again, one Japanese researcher is working to develop a system that would make planes very nearly “uncrashable.”

Read the full story here.

Source: With artificial intelligence, researcher aims to make planes ‘uncrashable’

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