Wolf Species Have More Than 2000 Distinct Howling ‘Dialects’

Wolf species, including North-western wolves (photo), apparently have distinct howling dialects that correspond to each kind. Researchers believe this could help understand the evolution of our own language systems.(Photo : Arik Kershenbaum) Just like humans, wolf species apparently have more than 2,000 distinct howling “dialects,” each corresponding to a particular kind and subspecies of the canine. In the largest study of its kind, scientists distinguished and classified various distinct howls from canids such as wolves, coyotes and jackals. The distinct howls were further divided into 21 types based on sound patterns and pitch fluctuations. Howls can match certain species and subspecies. For instance, the timber wolves have low, flat howls, while the endangered red wolves have a high, looping vocalization. Zoologist Arik Kershenbaum, author of the study, said the distinct…

Link to Full Article: Wolf Species Have More Than 2000 Distinct Howling ‘Dialects’

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