Wordplay | Google Artificial Intelligence Beats Expert at Go Game

Photo Playing Go, a game of strategy.Credit Cheryl Hatch/Associated Press Tremendous news last week: Google announced that it had created a computer program that defeated a professional player at Go – an event that many thought was still a decade away. This week we celebrate this victory with a simple strategy challenge suggested by our friends at Brilliant.org, the online community for students and professionals looking for tantalizing problems, like-minded peers, and mentorship. Our discussion will be moderated by Brilliant’s Zandra Vinegar. But before we begin — what did this computer program (called AlphaGo) actually accomplish, and what is the significance of this breakthrough? For perspectives on this I reached out to several people familiar with artificial intelligence and its quest to conquer Go: Rodrigo Alvarez, who helped design a breakthrough cognitive computing chip as part of IBM’s TrueNorth. (In…

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