Working on general artificial intelligence

So it has come to this. I’m new here and I’m seeking for help. The help I need (from a developer) inquires knowledge (or deep knowledge) for AI; not just gaming or specific AI, but strong AI. To start with, I’m not looking for any scholarship benefits, donations or hand-outs, nor I’m trying to advertise or sell anything.  The problem: time The resource needed: time The (possible) Solution: gather more resources(time again) I’m a regular developer. I need to make ends-meet; thus it’s very difficult for me to make any progress with my project. FBI, CIA and all other mass-controlling associations please stay out of this. The project: General Artificial Intelligence, a.k.a. Strong AI, a.k.a. SkyNet Scary, isn’t it? Well, no; the thing is most SF presumptions describe the most…

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