Would You Be Fooled By An A.I. Teaching Assistant?

On the internet, you never know who’s a robot (or a dog). Computer science students at Georgia Tech were taught this lesson first-hand, when their professor Ashok Goel brought in some extra help to teach his Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence course. The class already had eight teaching assistants, but as humans they weren’t always available to answer questions on the class’ online forum. That’s where Jill Watson, the A.I. teaching assistant, came in. Since she was an algorithm that lived on a computer, she was available 24×7 to help students. The A.I. was actually so helpful that students started to wonder if Watson was human. Goel trained the algorithm on 40,000 questions and answers about the course that had been made by human students and teaching assistants since fall 2014.…

Link to Full Article: Would You Be Fooled By An A.I. Teaching Assistant?

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