XGBoost workshop and meetup talk with Tianqi Chen

XGBoost is a fantastic open source implementation of Gradient Boosting Machines, a general purpose supervised learning method that achieves the highest accuracy on a wide range of datasets in practical applications. Deep learning is all the hype now, but apart from specific domains such as images, speech or text (i.e. problems with higher-level abstractions to be learnt and/or perception problems, where deep learning achieved some remarkable results indeed), it is usually outperformed by Gradient Boosting in a majority of general business domains and supervised learning applications. Proof of this and also because XGBoost has an easy-to-use interface from both R and Python, XGBoost has become a favorite tool in Kaggle competitions. Besides feature engineering, cross-validation and ensembling, XGBoost is a key ingredient for achieving the highest accuracy in many data science competitions and more…

Link to Full Article: XGBoost workshop and meetup talk with Tianqi Chen

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