Your Artificial Intelligence Cheat Sheet

Pieter Abbeel: Abbeel is a robotics and artificial intelligence researcher at UC–Berkeley, where his lab is teaching a robot to think by allowing it to play in much the same manner as a human child. Nick Bostrom: A philosopher at the University of Oxford, Bostrom has written on the threat of A.I. Advertisement Ray Kurzweil: Currently serving as a director of engineering at Google, Kurzweil is a prominent futurist who helped popularize the concept of technological singularity. Barbara J. Grosz: Grosz, a computer scientist based at Harvard, researches how we can turn computers into better collaborators and team members. Fei-Fei Li: As director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence and Vision labs, Fei-Fei has contributed to research that tries to prevent car accidents without entirely removing humans from the equation. Elon…

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