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The below lists various Papers & Journals on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Papers & Journals







General Technology Bibiographies:

  • The ACM Portal to Computing Literature – The ACM Guide and Digital Library with a set of internal and external reference and citation links giving access to current research.
  • Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies – Searchable collection of bibliographies, including 1 million citations and 100,000 links to on-line documents – submit new bibliographies. Browse by subject.
  • DBLP Computer Science Bibliography – Indexes 200,000 citations from conferences and journals – submit tables of contents.
  • FermiVista – Indexes on-line articles from institutions archives – 300,000 in maths, computer science and physics – full-text search.
  • Computing Reviews – Secondary reference database of reviews in computing literature from the ACM. Limited information to non-subscribers.
  • Springer Computer Science – Springer books and journals in computing for scientists and students in computer science, as well as for computer professionals and experts.
  • NCSTRL – Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library – Indexes on-line technical reports from 150 institutions archives – open to institutions, or submit individual articles with the CoRR open repository.
  • New Zealand Digital Library – Indexes 50,000 on-line tech reports from institutions archives – full-text search.
  • Bibliography on Logical Frameworks – 450 references related to logical frameworks, which are formal meta-languages for deductive systems.
  • Network Bibliography – Searchable bibliography on performance evaluation, computer networks, network security, digital signal processing (54,000 records with abstracts, 20,000 documents, submission welcome).
  • USC Computer Vision – An annotated and searchable bibliography of computer vision and image processing papers, arranged by topics (36,000 entries, 1800 on-line papers).
  • Human-Computer Interaction – Collection of about 850 links to bibliographic databases and annotated bibliographies, with short descriptions.
  • Current Cites – A monthly selection of annotated citations of current literature in information technology. Searchable online and available by email.
  • The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies – Searchable database with over a million references.
  • Genetic Programming Bibliography – A large single file containing an genetic programming bibliography. Lacks a search function.



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