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Big Data Discovery 2018

With great pleasure we announce the 6th International Conference on Big Data, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference August 06-07, 2018 at Abu Dhabi, UAE. Conferences mainly focus on International Big Data communities to take a fresh look at the key topics and challenges that our field faces. The theme of this Conference is “Novel […]

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AI World & Expo

AI World & Expo is the largest independent enterprise AI event in the U.S. This year AI World 2018 will draw 3000 enterprise executives and decision makers from Global 2000 organizations. The 3-day conference and expo brings together the entire applied AI ecosystem, including innovative enterprises, industry thought leaders, startups, investors, developers, independent researchers and […]

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Savvy indeed!

These days, it is difficult to get through your day without being bombarded with buzz words such as ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘machine learning‘ and so …

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News Stories on AI & ML
from around the World

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