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Danish Society for Neuroscience

Annual meeting – Crossroads between metabolism and the brain · 8th of March, NeuroSeminar: Professor Graeme F Mason · 32nd ECNP Congress 2019 – Copenhagen · How can you benefit from Europe’s largest neuroscience initiative? DSfN-LundbeckFond Scholarstipendier for Medicinstuderende.

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‘ITU to trainpolicymakers’

Information Technology University (ITU) will train the generation of policy makers by including Data Science courses and establishing ITU Centre for Civic Innovation (ICCI) with social sustainable innovation lab, one of the first comprehensive civic en…

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IBM: Data Is Everyone’s Opportunity

Access to purpose-built hardware to leverage AI and deep learning is an imperative, so IBM introduced Power9 on IBM Cloud, PowerAi on IBM Cloud, and, SAP Hana on Power Systems on IBM Cloud. IBM Watson is joining forces with Apple Core ML, the smartphone giant’s machine-learning framework.

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Celgene pursues neuro breakthrough with $150m Prosena deal

Celgene is pushing further into the field of neuroscience and dementia research with an alliance with Dublin-based biotech Prosena. Celgene has become a ‘big biotech’ thanks to its stellar growth of its multiple myeloma blockbuster Revlimid, but is now widening its research base to other potential …

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IBM Tool Seeks to Bridge AI Skills Gap

International Business Machines Corp. on Tuesday launched a deep-learning tool for businesses, aiming to bridge a skills gap for creating custom … Deep-Learning-as-a-Service, unveiled at IBM’s annual IT industry conference in Las Vegas, seeks to lower barriers to deploying AI and deep-learning …

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IBM Tool Seeks to Bridge AI Skills Gap

International Business Machines Corp. on Tuesday launched a deep-learning tool for businesses, aiming to bridge a skills gap for creating custom … Microsoft Corp., Inc., Oracle Corp. and other cloud providers have added AI and machine …

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Cancer-Fighting Startup Tempus Raises $80M in New Funding

It uses machine learning and genomic sequencing to better understand a patient’s tumor, and it tailors treatment plans best suited to combat it. The startup is building a molecular clinical library of patient information and an operating system to make the information useful for physicians. The centralized …

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The investigators used a “deep learning” computer model that mimics the layers of neurons and memory capabilities of the human brain. Their algorithm analyzed how Twitter language style, opinions and communication behaviors changed in a given period and how such changes related to later reports …

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Apple Partners With IBM For Mobile Machine Learning

In conjunction with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) theme at IBM Think, Apple and IBM announced that the two companies are working together to deliver a mobile AI solution based on IBM Watson Services for Core ML. The partnership will leverage Apple’s Core ML framework and Watson Studio (also …

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Watson Studio

Built on open source. Use familiar open source data science and machine learning tools, with Jupyter Notebooks with Anaconda and RStudio. Access the most popular libraries or bring your own.

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Zebra Medical algorithm to be used to detect brain bleeds

The algorithm from Zebra Medical will be included in its growing Deep Learning Imaging Analytics platform. The algorithm is the latest addition to other automated tools announced in the past as part of its “All-In-One” AI1 business model, among them algorithms that automatically detect low bone mineral …

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How to prevent human bias from infecting AI

“So you can take a small bias that’s happening inside this pocket that the humans had thought out to begin with, and it can become amplified through the machine learning model. So at the end it looks like it’s real, and the AI, which is in the middle, can get blamed.” Russ Shaw, an angel investor and the …

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Syncsort Tacks to Address 4 ‘Megatrends’

“We are seeing very intra-connected trends with cloud, streaming, data science, and also with data governance. It’s becoming more and more complicated.” Many of Syncsort’s customers have multiple data lake implementations, ostensibly Hadoop for on-premise storage clusters. Yoğurtçu tells us many …

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IBM & Apple Partner on AI & Cloud

IBM and Apple are partnering to help developers build AI and machine learning applications that run on iPhones, iPads and Macs. IBM Watson Services for Core ML pairs IBM’s cognitive computing cloud service with Apple’s machine learning engine for its device. Apps built with IBM Watson Services for …

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