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Malong Technologies Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner

The company performs award-winning scientific research in deep learning and computer vision, and makes the technology available to any business via ProductAI® — affordable, accurate and secure cloud-based cognitive services & embedded systems. The company’s headquarters are in Shenzhen, …

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Pushing AI performance benchmarks to the edge

As I discussed recently, the AI industry is developing benchmarking suites that will help practitioners determine the target environment in which their machine learning, deep learning or other statistical models might perform best. Increasingly, these …

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Albertsons creates chief data/analytics officer role

Previously, Kotwal was vice president of analytics, data platform and data science engineering at Kohl’s Department Stores. In that role over the last two years, he built Kohl’s BigData team to help create an insights-driven organization by “democratizing data and science,” according to Albertsons.

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Blockchain, Generation Z and The Rise Of The Citizen Developer

Now as we move ever deeper into the Information Age and into enterprise products that will make greater use of data science and Artificial Intelligence, it’s time to rethink the technical core competencies that will define those Information Age workers. How will this change the types of enterprise software …

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News Stories on AI & ML
from around the World

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