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London Summer Party – Tuesday 19th June 6pm


We are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary with a Summer Party on Tuesday 19th June, 6pm.

A free event that is purely a networking opportunity, so come and meet others working in the industry of AI and celebrate with the founder of Neurons.AI and Informed.AI, Dr Andy Pardoe.

Our third anniversary is a great milestone for the development of the ecosystem we have build, so come and celebrate the success. The platform has been growing at pace, with new groups being added very month.

Please feel free to join us

For more details and to reserve your place please visit http://Chapters.Neurons.AI/UK/London/

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Open and Easy Access to Read

I am very pleased to announce that we have decided to open up the platform so anyone can read the content posted on the site from user blogs and forum posts. This should make the platform more accessible to everyone, and mean that you only need to sign-up and login if you wish to post content to share with others.

We hope this makes the platform more useful for most people that are just interested in reading others points of view.

As always we appreciate people’s feedback and are looking to make this and the rest of our AI ecosystem as useful as possible for everyone.


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2018 Mental Health and Neurology Conference

Cosmic Series welcomes you to attend 2018 Mental Health and Neurology Conference (2018MHNC) held during September 18-19, 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand with the theme “Melioration in Innovations with advancement in Mental Health and Neurology” This international meet anticipates hundreds of participants including keynote speakers, Oral presentations by renowned speakers and poster presenters besides delegates around the world. This conference perhaps a giant event that creates an ideal platform to share expertise addressing current advancements involved in Psychiatry and Neurology. It will be a wonderful opportunity for all the delegates as it provides an international networking opportunity to collaborate with the world-class Mental Health and Medical Associations.

Scientific Sessions:

Computational Neuroscience

Mental Plasticity & Development

Stress Neuroscience and the Neurobiology




Controversies in Neurology


Neurological Disorders

Paediatric Neurology

Adult Neurogenesis and Cell Biology

Ageing and Dementia, Alzheimer Disease

Target Audience

  • Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Neuroscientists, and Researchers
  • Neurology Faculty and Students
  • Doctors and Scientists
  • Universities, Associations, and Societies
  • Students and Research Scholars
  • Business Delegates
  • Product Manufacturer
  • Psychiatrists and Psychologists

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Truthify Emotion AI Application Offers Actionable Feedback to Brands and Marketers Based on Audience Emotional Reactions

Truthify Emotion AI Application Offers Actionable Feedback to Brands and Marketers Based on Audience Emotional Reactions

Technology Reveals Invaluable Insight Not Available Anywhere Else For Anyone Who Seeks Reactions to Their Content 

Atlanta, GA – May 17, 2018 – Emotion artificial intelligence (AI) company Truthify today revealed a first-of-its kind, short-form video messaging application to help brands, marketers, media and advertising agencies, political campaigns and civic leaders gather at-scale audience feedback that is immediate, authentic and actionable. What if you could measure the subconscious emotional reaction to questions, ideas, content, products or people?

Truthify enables insight-driven decision making and planning while engaging audiences, stakeholders and buyers in a completely different way. Anyone that wants to identify emotional reactions to their message or content can use Truthify to upload or record a video and send it to an endless number of recipients. The recipient watches the video message after enabling camera permissions, and then the app uses Emotion AI to identify the recipient’s subconscious emotional reaction to the sender’s message and shares the reaction with both the sender and recipient.

Up to 90 percent of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. However, current market and qualitative research techniques for gathering customer and prospect feedback, like focus groups, surveys and polls, are not scalable and give little insight into a person’s subconscious. Typically, market research gathers feedback from a small subset of a brand’s audience, who may or may not be sharing their first (and truest) reaction. Using this as a basis when spending millions, or tens of millions, of dollars on a new advertising campaign, a consumer product launch, or to decide the next face of your political campaign, can be extremely risky. To continue to be successful, marketers will need to supplement current techniques with greater insight and scalability – both of which Truthify provides.

“Until now, brands haven’t had a means of quickly identifying the true reactions of their audience and were relegated to traditional research methods,” said Kevin Knull, CEO and Co-Founder, Truthify. “Truthify is a more modern solution to help both brands and individuals gain audience feedback that is immediate, authentic, and actionable. For the brand, knowing how a message is received by its audience before it is widespread could be very beneficial, and it could either help drive increased revenue, prevent significant losses, or avoid public relations missteps.  This is honest feedback measured at 14 times per second, and it goes far beyond a ‘like’ button.”

“Truthify has the potential to disrupt the marketing and advertising industries in a really positive way,” said Joe Koufman, founder and CEO, AgencySparks, which is a matchmaker for brands and marketing agencies. “Truthify’s unique ability to enable brands to test and deliver video content quickly to ensure that it resonates emotionally with a target audience is a game-changer.”

Results within the Truthify app can be filtered by aggregate or individual recipient comments, emotions and more. Users are also granted analytics that offer important details about their content, such as recipient demographics, the specific point at which a recipient’s emotion changed, and the device and operating system used to view the content. All of this makes it easy for brands, marketers and others to confidently make plans and decisions rooted in accurate insights that will resonate with their audience, and entice them to take an action. And, unlike current focus groups, the user can create a campaign, send it to the desired audience, and receive responses in minutes rather than weeks.

The Emotion AI Technology Behind Truthify

Truthify partnered with Emotion AI company Affectiva, and is using their technology to evaluate recipients’ spontaneous reactions to a stimulus by tracking facial expressions and emotions. Affectiva has analyzed more than 6.5 million faces of varying gender, age and ethnicity in 87 countries, to ensure high accuracy for their technology in real-world scenarios. The seven emotions that Truthify measures include anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. With Affectiva’s Emotion AI, Truthify allows brands, marketers and others to understand complex and nuanced emotional reactions to their content in order to make better, more informed decisions.

“Emotions influence every aspect of our lives, from how we learn, to how we communicate, to what we purchase. And yet, our technology and devices today have a lot of IQ, but they’re lacking EQ, or emotion awareness,” said Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, CEO and co-founder, Affectiva. “Our mission at Affectiva is to humanize technology with Emotion AI. What makes the Truthify application exciting is that it gives anyone with a smartphone the power to use technology to better understand each other and how we emote, as well as decipher what is often lost in digital communication – emotions. Truthify allows brands, as well as consumers, to connect with those around them in a more meaningful way.”


  •      Download the Truthify app for iOS in the iTunes App Store. Truthify for Android devices will be available shortly.
  •       Learn more about the Truthify Premium and Truthify Pro versions for businesses


About Truthify

Truthify is an Emotion AI company with a short-form video messaging application that provides subconscious emotional reactions at scale for anyone that sees value in knowing how a person actually responds to content. Marketers, advertising and media companies, consumer brands, political campaigns and civic leaders use Truthify to gain honest feedback to questions, ideas, content, products, and people from their audience, buyers and stakeholders. Truthify empowers smart decision making and successful business outcomes for businesses, while providing individuals greater insight in their personal interactions with friends.

Download the Truthify app:

Press Contact

Hailey Melamut
March Communications

Emotion AI company launches app to reveal people’s subconscious emotions and reactions

Let’s face it – we’ve all been lied to upon asking a friend or family member for an opinion. But what if you had the power to understand someone’s honest, gut reaction based on what they think? What would you ask first?

Artificial emotional intelligence (Emotion AI) company Truthify wants to make that a reality. On Thursday, 5/17*, Truthify will announce a first-of-its kind, short-form video messaging app to help consumers, brands, marketers, agencies, and others gather at-scale audience feedback that is immediate, authentic and actionable.

Anyone that wants to identify emotional reactions to their message or content can use Truthify to upload or record a video and send it to an endless number of recipients. Then, the app uses Emotion AI tech from Affectiva to identify the recipient’s subconscious emotional reaction to the sender’s message.

For example, someone could send a message to a love interest asking, “Do you want to go on a date with me?” and see their true reactions – whether they show interest through excitement or happiness, or disinterest through sadness, disgust or anger. Or, a brand could send an advertisement to a test group, to see if it’s eliciting the desired response, i.e. making respondents laugh if the ad is supposed to be funny.

You’re welcome to download Truthify and follow this link to test out some of the videos already in the app.

Are you interested in speaking with Kevin Knull, CEO and co-founder of Truthify, to learn more ahead of the launch? I can also share the press release and other videos under embargo if you’re interested.



School & Office Expo, 18-20 May 2018, Nairobi Kenya

“School & Office Expo, 18-20 May 2018, Nairobi Kenya” focuses on Stationery, Paper, Back-to-School, and Office Supplies & Technology Products. It will feature international exhibitors from over 20 countries, Visitors & Sponsored VIP Buyers from over 25 African countries.

Scope of the exhibition is entire EAST African region and not only Kenya. Main countries covered are – Burundi, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Congo, Madagascar etc

Budget booth packages starting just 1200 USD for a small 4 Sqm booth in Hall B which will include 1 Table, 2 Chair, and 1 Spotlight. This option is not mentioned in event catalogue-flyer, hence I am mentioning separately.

Please go through the event website   for further details or email on

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CAL discussion

Imagine a set of instructions just like an assembler program. Lets assume in one variant that there are only 4 possible instructions. A C G T. The order and the combinations of these instructions can build any kind of complex sequence. And actually any kind of complex creature as our DNA is exactly what i am talking about. Only four instructions are the basic program for all living creature. Including man. Now in a digital lifetime lets assume that the same principle could be used to construct an artificial creature. A software complex enough to solve narrow tasks. And there is such a construction. I have called it CAL Cortex Assembler Language. It has about 30 instructions and it can be used to build any kind of neural network or state machine. The interesting part is that you can program it to solve tasks but also train it to handle tasks that we dont know How to program sequentially. And now to the most exciting statement. The code can also be evolved using the same principles that are the base of our excistence. An evolutionary build code by a genetic algorithm can build any kind of intelligent software. You have a problem. You dont know the exact solution but you know some expected goals. And that is enough to have an evolution of an artificial intelligence

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Reminder – London Chapter Meeting – Tuesday 10th April

I hope you had a lovely Easter holiday.Just a quick reminder that our next London Chapter meeting is scheduled for the Tuesday 10th April 6pm to 9:30pm.

We have the best lineup of speakers with Dr Janet Bastiman and Aric Whitewood, so it promises to be a fantastic evening. Plus Andy will talk about a new framework he his designing to help measure the progress of AI.

For more information and to Reserve your Ticket please visit
Tickets will need to be shown at the door.

at Henry’s Den Finch’s Bar
12A Finsbury Square London EC2A 1AN

18:00 – 19:00 – Drinks and Networking
19:00 – 19:10 – Welcome and Intro by Andy
19:10 – 19:40 – Guest Speaker #1 – Dr Janet Bastiman
19:40 – 20:10 – Guest Speaker #2 – Aric Whitewood
20:10 – 20:30 – Dr Andy Pardoe “The Continuum of Intelligence”
20:30 – 20:45 – Open Mic
20:45 – 21:30 – More Networking, Drinks and Discussions

Speaker Profiles – 

Dr Janet Bastiman is Chief Science Officer at Storystream where she heads up the AI division. She has extensive experience in leading teams and building AI systems. With over 10 years experience at C-level, she has taken abstract concepts to innovative scalable products at multiple companies. A STEM polymath, Janet brings multidisciplinary ideas to the departments she leads, forming cutting edge research teams with an eye on delivery that is rarely seen. She has a bachelors and masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from Oxford, and her PhD was in the field of Computational Neuroscience. Janet is a co-founder of the Tech Women London Meetup group and regularly speaks and writes on various technical subjects. She blogs on maths and technology at

Aric Whitewood is the founding partner of WilmotML which combines machine learning and AI techniques with an established macro and risk appetite framework, in order to provide advisory services and to create new investment products. Previously Aric and I worked together at Credit Suisse, where Aric was the Head of Data Science for Client Analytics based in Switzerland.

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Aerial Technologies Raises 1.94M$ in Financing from VCs and Strategic Partners, and Recruits WiFi Industry Veteran as First Independent Board Member

Aerial Technologies Raises 1.94M$ in Financing from VCs and Strategic Partners, and Recruits WiFi Industry Veteran as First Independent Board Member

Montreal, February 26, 2018 – Aerial Technologies, a Montreal-based provider of wireless motion analytics solutions, is proud to announce today that it has secured an additional 1.94M$ CAD in capital for its Seed Preferred round. This latest round is led by an undisclosed chipset manufacturer, in addition to current investors, Fonds Innovexport, Kibo Ventures, Quebecor, and Telefónica Open Future_ who are increasing their positions.

The capital will be used to further accelerate the company’s growth, both on the organizational and business fronts. “Having demonstrated that our technology works and meeting and exceeding prior funding milestones, I am very pleased our investors share our vision and are helping support our growth with additional capital and advice,” says David Grant, CEO of Aerial Technologies. Industry experts estimate the IoT industry will witness increases between 2018 and 2022 of more than 40% CAGR, with even greater growth in the IoT sensor segment. A recent study predicts IoT spending in 2018 will top $772B USD lead by manufacturing, transportation and utilities. Aerial will enable many of these devices to react to natural human motion, thereby unlocking enhanced services without the need for wearables or cognitive human interaction.

“Aerial’s strongest assets are their incredible team and a patented technology that is bringing an entirely new perspective to the residential market, leading a new breed of device-free services for the home. The market response so far has been phenomenal as we are seeing explosive growth of both enquiries and sales pipeline for its solutions,” mentions Aquilino Peña, Founding Partner, Kibo Ventures.

“At Telefónica Open Future_ innovation funds, we are continuously searching new capabilities and projects that enhance our value proposition of our connectivity business. Our participation in this new investment round endorses such approach as well as enhances our smart WiFi platform with potential new services to be delivered to our clients,” adds Gonzalo Martin Villa, Innovation Director at Telefónica.

“Aerial has the potential to enhance and augment the growing number of IoT solutions with the power of motion. Many solutions today require users to wear devices or cognitively interact with applications. With Aerial, devices use natural motion without thought. Imagine how smart your home could be if it knew when you were home and when you were away. Your home could lock the doors and set the alarm naturally, it could turn on lights and other appliances when you need them, and insure they are off or in power-saving mode when you don’t. We are currently testing these and other services such as elderly care monitoring in collaboration with our partners who will be offering such services,” says Grant.

Additionally, we are proud to announce the nomination of John Major as our first independent board member. Major founded MTSG, a strategic consulting and investment company of which he has been serving as president since 2003. He joined the board of Broadcom in 2003. Major served as chairman and lead independent director from 2008 to 2012. He left the board in April 2016 following the Avago acquisition. He also held various executive and leadership positions at Motorola Inc. for nearly two decades, the most recent of which was Senior Vice President and CTO. Major received a B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Rochester, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, an M.B.A. from Northwestern University, and a J.D. from Loyola University.

Aerial will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Hall 7 stand M11 from February 26 to March 1, 2018. Our CEO, David Grant, will be presenting “Humans Making Waves: Leveraging Disturbances in the Wireless Mesh” on February 26 at 12h20 and 13h30 on the Showcase Stage in Hall 4. Visit Aerial’s website to learn more about the technology behind our solutions

About Aerial Technologies
Aerial provides ISPs and MSOs, healthcare players, security systems integrators, and smart object manufacturers with a unique cloud-based, low-cost solution that leverages existing wireless infrastructure and machine learning to give context, meaning and value to motion. Aerial’s passive and contextual solutions do not require users to interact with them, they recognize users and background. With our WiFi motion analytics SaaS, customers have access to new revenue streams with a minimum investment. Our customers also gain from accessing end-user actionable data to help them make better business decisions. We aim at becoming the wireless standard for smart motion detection through continuous innovation, passion, simplicity and inventiveness for the smart home, home care, security, healthcare and targeted media applications. Aerial’s headquarters is based in Canada; we also operate from two regional offices in the USA and in Europe. For more information about how Aerial is making IoT more human, visit

About Fonds Innovexport
Based in Quebec City, Innovexport invests in start-up companies in the Province of Quebec having innovative products or services with strong export potential. Innovexport was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with the objective to help them grow their companies.

About Kibo Ventures
Kibo Ventures, based in Madrid, Spain, is a VC Fund focused on early-stage investments in digital companies. Kibo Ventures invests in teams with global ambition, unique technologies and scalable business models. Kibo Ventures manages $130 million from a mix of institutional and private investors, including IEF, Telefonica, the Spanish Government (through CDTI), Mutua Madrileña (Spain’s largest insurance company), FondICO and CaixaBank. Kibo Ventures has invested in over 40 companies in Europe, the Americas and Spain, including Flywire, Carto, Job and Talent, and WorldSensing, and has co-invested with many of the largest US and European VC Funds.

About Quebecor
Quebecor, a Canadian leader in telecommunications, entertainment, news media and culture, is one of the best-performing integrated communications companies in the industry. Driven by their determination to deliver the best possible customer experience, all of Quebecor’s subsidiaries and brands are differentiated by their high-quality, multiplatform, convergent products and services. Quebecor (TSX: QBR.A, QBR..B) is headquartered in Québec. It holds an 81.53% interest in Quebecor Media, which employs more than 10,000 people in Canada. A family business founded in 1950, Quebecor is strongly committed to the community. Every year, it actively supports more than 400 organizations working in the vital fields of culture, health, education, the environment and entrepreneurship.

About Telefónica Open Future_
Telefónica Open Future_ is Telefonica´s global platform designed to connect entrepreneurs, startups, investors and public and private partners around the world to capture innovation and business opportunities. The programme incorporates all of Telefónica Group’s open innovation, entrepreneurship and investment initiatives through over 50 spaces and different investment vehicles. To date, 800 startups have been invested. Telefónica Open Future_ is present in 16 countries

Media contact
Aerial Technologies
Patrice Belmonte – Marketing, Communications, PR




Adds Support for New GPU-Accelerated Nodes and AI Offerings, Enabling Greater Deployment Flexibility

SEATTLE, March 28, 2018 — Global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. (Nasdaq: CRAY) today announced it is adding new options to its line of CS-Storm™ GPU-accelerated servers as well as improved fast-start AI configurations, making it easier for organizations implementing AI to get started on their journey with AI proof-of-concept projects and pilot-to-production use.

Cray is enhancing its CS-Storm series GPU-accelerated systems with the addition of a new four-GPU version — the CS-Storm 500NX 4-GPU server, a 1U server with two Intel® Xeon® CPUs and four NVIDIA® Volta GPUs, designed for customers whose AI models and HPC applications require lower GPU-to-CPU ratios for optimal performance. Including support for NVIDIA Volta GPUs, the new system is well suited for applications ranging from deep learning neural network training and inference to high-performance computing.

Implementing machine and deep learning in many organizations is a journey — from investigation to proof of concept to production applications — that data science and IT teams undertake. Different AI use cases require unique combinations of machine intelligence tools, model designs and compute infrastructure. However, no single system can address the entire spectrum of uses and models. Factors like I/O throughput, GPU-to-CPU ratio and GPU memory can have a direct impact on performance, and, ultimately, the success of the AI application.

“As companies approach AI projects, choices in system size and configuration play a crucial role,” said Fred Kohout, Cray’s senior vice president of products and chief marketing officer. “Our customers look to Cray Accel AI offerings to leverage our supercomputing expertise, technologies and best practices. Whether an organization wants a starter system for model development and testing, or a complete system for data preparation, model development, training, validation and inference, Cray Accel AI configurations provide customers a complete supercomputer system.”

“We are seeing a wide range of customer use cases for GPU accelerated computing but with different configuration requirements, even within a category like deep learning neural network training,” Kohout said. “Adding a smaller form factor allows our customers to choose the right node configuration for their application needs.”

About the Cray CS-Storm GPU Accelerated Supercomputer

Cray CS-Storm series GPU-accelerated supercomputers with NVIDIA Volta 32 GB GPUs are available in three configurations to address a variety of datacenter needs. For applications like distributed deep learning training where multiple GPUs are used and GPU-to-GPU communication performance is paramount, the CS-Storm 500NX 4-GPU and 8-GPU nodes include support for NVIDIA® NVLink™ SXM2 GPUs. For applications where independent parallel GPU processing is required, the Cray CS-Storm 500GT system supports up to 10 NVIDIA® Tesla® PCIe V100 GPUs or FPGAs for HPC applications. All CS-Storm systems now include support for 32 GB V100 GPUs, making larger and deeper neural network models easier to use. The new 4-GPU CS-Storm system will be available in April of 2018.

About the Cray Accel AI Fast Start Offerings

Cray Accel AI fast-start offerings are available in three configurations: a stand-alone starter system for initial AI exploration, a cluster starter kit — designed for integration into existing datacenter cluster environments — for initial proof-of-concept (PoC) applications, and a complete, production-level Cray cluster supercomputer for training and inference. With the addition of the CS-Storm 500NX 4-GPU node, the updated Cray Accel AI cluster starter kit makes it easier for organizations to deploy a PoC into existing datacenter cluster infrastructure. All Cray Accel AI configurations come with a complete AI software environment from Bright Computing that includes the most popular AI frameworks and tools. Cray Accel AI fast start offerings make it easy for organizations just getting started with machine and deep learning to quickly move from pilot to production.

For more information on artificial intelligence at Cray, please visit the Cray website at

About Cray Inc.

Global supercomputing leader Cray Inc. (Nasdaq: CRAY) provides innovative systems and solutions enabling scientists and engineers in industry, academia and government to meet existing and future simulation and analytics challenges. Leveraging more than 40 years of experience in developing and servicing the world’s most advanced supercomputers, Cray offers a comprehensive portfolio of supercomputers and big data storage and analytics solutions delivering unrivaled performance, efficiency and scalability. Cray’s Adaptive Supercomputing vision is focused on delivering innovative next-generation products that integrate diverse processing technologies into a unified architecture, allowing customers to meet the market’s continued demand for realized performance. Go to for more information.


AI in Business Transformation – Directors Forum – 22nd March

Our first Directors’ Forum of 2018 is focused on how the best organisations are using AI and robotics to re-shape their organisations for the 21st century creating new commercial models, boosting competitiveness and optimising performance.

If you’re a business leader involved in transformation, innovation, finance, operations, customer service, HR or the supply chain, you will find insight and straight talking here.

By attending this Forum you will:

  • Hear how AI Will Change Your Business; Whether you want it to or not
  • See how to transform your business to embrace this new age of automation
  • Gain insights from Ocado, Google, Ordnance Survey, ICO, Sage, Sky and more
  • See how to plan your operations to improve business performance
  • See how AI will impact on employee and customer engagement
  • How to get the most from existing automated systems and processes
  • Network with your peers, share ideas and best practice and make valuable contacts

We have a special promotional code Special120 – this reduces the rate from £149 plus Vat to £120 plus Vat.


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AI Expo Global happening in London’s Olympia on April 18-19.

I would like to make everyone aware of the AI Expo Global happening in London’s Olympia on April 18-19. Over 12,000 attendees are expected! Attend keynotes and case studies from AI, IoT and Blockchain thought leaders with 18 conference tracks to get involved in. Get the chance to meet and network with over 300 exhibitors and discover the latest AI and IoT start-ups within the start-up & innovation incubator, partnered with IBM, Indiegogo and Arrow.

The AI thought leadership conference will uncover how AI can deliver a smarter future in a range of sectors including finance, insurance, retail and healthcare. Attendees will discover how AI is being implemented and monetised whilst networking with AI thought leaders, practitioners and investors.

The AI Expo has a total of 4 conference tracks, a further 7 IoT and 7 Blockchain tracks with 3 co-located events covering the whole ecosystem of AI, Blockchain and IoT. Use discount code AIEVENTS20 if you wish to attend more of the conference tracks and gain access to exclusive networking opportunities including the networking app and a networking drinks evening on Day 1 for all paid pass holders. The full agenda can be found on AI Expo website and you can register here.

Speakers include:

  • Frauke Neuser, Associate Director Scientific Communications, P&G
  • Michael Natusch, Global Head of AI, Prudential
  • Hélène Alunni-Botteri, Senior Vice President Innovation Group, Wells Fargo
  • Ash Booth, Head of Artificial Intelligence – Digital Assets, HSBC
  • Youri Bebic, Head of Product & Innovation, Moneygram
  • Pardeep Bassi, Head of Data Science, LV=
  • George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson
  • Colin Rattigan, Global VP Consumer Engagement / Digital Brand Commerce, Adidas Group
  • Juan Bernabe Moreno, Head of Advanced Analytics and Data Lab, E.ON
  • Simon Thompson, Head of Practice for Big Data and Customer Experience, BT Research
  • Peter Hamley, Global Head, External Innovation, Drug Discovery Platforms, Sanofi
  • Indra Joshi, Digital Health and AI Clinical Lead, NHS
  • John Shawe-Taylor, Professor of Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, University College London
  • Professor Leslie Willcocks, Professor of Technology Work and Globalisation, The London School of Economics
  • Peter Jackson, Chief Data Officer, Southern Water
  • Abed Ajraou, Data & Insights Director, First Utility
  • Sander van Dijk, Head of Research, Parkopedia
  • Dennis Curry, Executive Director and Deputy Chief Technical Officer, Konica Minolta
  • Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Chief Technology Officer, Milestone Systems
  • Timothy Love, Senior Marketing Manager, Pizza Express
  • Simon Fabri, Technical Director, Schneider Electric
  • Patrice Slupowski, Chief IoT Officer and VP Digital Innovation, Orange
  • John Shawe-Taylor, Professor of Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, University College London
  • Lord Tim Clement-Jones, Chair of the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Select Committee and Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence
  • John Fitzpatrick, Sports Scientist, Newcastle FC
  • Tom Allen, Lead Sports Scientist, Arsenal FC
  • Heather Richards, CEO, Transversal
  • George Davis, CEO, Prosper BI
  • Kiki de Bruijn, AI Evangelist, Diffblue
  • Vassilis Tsagaris, CEO and Founder, Irida Labs
  • James Hodson, CEO, AI for Good Foundation
  • Filip Filipov, VP Product Management, Skyscanner
  • Nuno Maurício, Head of the Analysis and Observation Department (Professional Football), Sport Lisboa e Benfica
  • Joao Copeto, CIO – Information Technology Director, Sport Lisboa e Benfica
  • Emil Berthelsen, Research Director, Gartner
  • Senior Representative, DataRPM
  • Arjun Panesar, CEO and Co-founder, Diabetes UK
  • Aditya Kaul, Research Director, Tractica

Many more are confirmed, find out more and register here with your exclusive 20% off discount code: AIEVENTS20

Super early bird deals available until March 16th on top of your 20% discount above.

Can’t make the London event? Check out the World Series, secure 20% on all shows using the discount above:

AI Expo Europe – 27-28th June 2018, RAI, Amsterdam

AI Expo North America – 28-29th November 2018, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley

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Top African Business Names sign-up for First Artificial Intelligence Expo in Cape Town

9 March 2018 – For immediate release

Top African Business Names sign-up for First Artificial Intelligence Expo in Cape Town
As support gathers for Africa’s first Artificial Intelligence Expo, top names in the AI field have signed up for the event that will allow C-Suite Executives from across all industries to understand, embrace and implement AI in their businesses.
AI ExpoAfrica 2018 is aimed at the C-Suite and Enterprise decision makers who are grappling to understand how AI applications can add value or impact their business today. With emerging technology breakthroughs in AI now going mainstream, understanding the business opportunity from both a supplier and client perspective has never been more paramount. AI ExpoAfrica 2018 will focus on real-world applications, trends driving the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Economy in Africa and seeks to build an AI Business-focused community across the continent.
Companies and organisations at the forefront of research, investment and implementation in Artificial Intelligence across Africa such as SAP Africa, TransUnion Africa, Data Prophet, LARC AI, Siatik, MIIA (Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa), Clevva, Knife Capital, StartUpBootcamp Africa, Cortex Logic, Sw7, Silicon Cape, Mint and Amani Business to name a few have already signed up or endorsed the event:
Lee Naik, CEO TransUnion Africa & Digital Transformation Expert stated: “Technology will always be one of the biggest disruptors in our industries. As a business leader myself, I have seen first-hand how the power of disruption can either cause chaos for a business or provide it with an opportunity to innovate and differentiate itself in exciting, new ways. This is why platforms like AI Expo Africa are so valuable: it brings CxOs, investors and innovators together to engage in real-world discussions around technologies disrupting Enterprises, markets and clients. Together with my fellow speakers I look forward to sharing my perspective and some insights around what these disruptors mean for our industries.”
Frans Cronjé, MD of DataProphet said: ”We are really excited to be part of AI Expo Africa – to showcase some of the great results of AI we have implemented in the manufacturing environment and share our experiences in seeing AI integrated into business processes, both in the local and international market. AI often goes unmentioned in Industry 4.0 conversations – but is a critical component in giving a factory its own ability to learn from its mistakes.”
Keith Jones, Sw7 Co-Founder, who will be leading the Plenary and case study track as moderator at AI Expo Africa said: “As we see the effect of connected markets, digitisation, mobility, IoT, interoperability and big data drive access to, and increase the quality of, data business will increasingly be driven by machine-assisted decisions. The ability to leverage the available data assets to make informed decisions quickly will be what drives strategic advantage in the future. This will affect all market sectors, not just the digitised markets. AI Expo Africa is creating a platform to connect businesses with the community that is driving this exciting sector. The goal is to educate delegates about what is possible and connect them with people in the sector. The real world aspect of this event will have great appeal to any business leader seeking to explore and acquire both innovative and proven AI based solutions.”

Dr Jacques Ludik, Founder & President of MIIA & Cortex Logic CEO, will be serving as Track Moderator at the event and stated, “It’s great to see AI Expo Africa focusing on the real world applications of AI.  Their novel approach to include large enterprise platform and service vendors, alongside AI start-up innovators coupled to a CxO audience containing decision makers and investors makes for a perfect mix.  It’s a great opportunity to see how AI is now impacting many aspects of Commerce and Enterprise in Africa, and delegates will gain great value from attending.”

The event will showcase AI Cloud platform providers, Tier 1 & 2 deployment & service providers, AI start-ups, investors, educators, government and AI ecosystem community builders. The event will give those attending a real feel for what’s available now or in the near future. With six themes and three tracks the event is focused on real Enterprise AI case studies and the application of AI in Business, AI deployment challenges, ethics and skills plus the business innovation driving current deployment trends across all industry sectors.”

About AI Expo Africa

Taking place on 9-11 September 2018, Century City Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa, AI Expo Africa 2018 is focusing on real world applications & trends driving the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Economy in Africa and seeking to build an AI Business focused Community across the continent. With 400 delegates, 27x speakers, 5x keynotes, 28x AI exhibitors plus Innovation Cafe housing 20x AI Start-Ups, the event is aimed at CxO / C Suite delegates with the primary goal of educating business leaders about AI applications and opportunities impacting the Enterprise today as well as generating real business opportunities for sponsors, speakers & AI innovators across the region.  If you would like to join the event as a delegate or would like take up one of the exhibition, Innovation cafe or speaking opportunities simply visit

Press & Media Links

• Phone: +27 82468 8622

All trademarks & company names mentioned are protected by their respective owner

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Announcing the launch of into.AI

Announcing the launch of into.AI

10th March 2018 – Announcing the rebranding of and the launch of into.AI 

We are very pleased to announce the launch of into.AI, our new name for our website.

This not only marks the completion of the alignment of all of our websites to .AI domains, but also the rebranding of the name of our main site, that better reflects our underlying manifesto and mission. We have always been about facilitating people to get into AI, and thus the name of into.AI so simply reflects our mission, and we hope people understand what we are trying to help with.

Regardless of your knowledge and experience, we help you get further into AI, with all the latest news and information about the subject, together with a full ecosystem of websites that provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

Don’t forget about our other sites:


The AI Conference returns to New York, April 28–May 2

The AI Conference returns to New York, April 28–May 2. Early adopters of applied AI have a unique opportunity to invent new business models, reshape industries—and build the impossible. Get a sweeping understanding of the rapidly advancing AI landscape—including the new breakthroughs, tools, frameworks, use cases, and business applications you need to put AI to work now.

No other conference delivers the depth and breadth in technical content combined with an applied industry focus. If you’d like to be a part of this, register soon. Events in San Francisco and New York last year were SOLD OUT. Early Price ends March 16, and space is limited. Save an extra 20% on most passes with code PCEVENTS.

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Announcing the AI Awards 2018 Now Open for Initial Nominations

We are very pleased to announce that the 2018 AI Awards are now officially open for initial Nominations.

This year, we have 52 Awards, across six categories. See our previous post for more details on the list of Awards.

To nominate an AI Company, Product or Individual please fill in this online AI Awards Nomination form.

To learn more about the schedule for the awards, check out our Programme.

Please read our Guidelines and our competition Rules are available for your reference.

Its still not too late to be one of our Awards sponsors, contact us for more information.

See Awards.AI for more information

Link to Full Article: Read Here

Announcing the AI Awards 2018 Now Open for Initial Nominations

Announcing the AI Awards 2018 Now Open for Initial Nominations

We are very pleased to announce that the 2018 AI Awards are now officially open for initial Nominations.

This year, we have 52 Awards, across six categories. See our previous post for more details on the list of Awards.

To nominate an AI Company, Product or Individual please fill in this online AI Awards Nomination form.

To learn more about the schedule for the awards, check out our Programme.

Please read our Guidelines and our competition Rules are available for your reference.

Its still not too late to be one of our Awards sponsors, contact us for more information.

AI Expo announce their 2018 world series with dates confirmed for London, Amsterdam and North America

The AI Expo Conference and Exhibition; The AI Expo North America 2017 was a huge success, over 10,500 people attended over the two-day event which focused on AI, IoT and Blockchain. Now they have announced their 2018 world series with further events taking place in London, Amsterdam and Silicon Valley.

The AI Expo event series will host 3 events in 2018 alongside the co-located world’s largest Blockchain Expo and the IoT Tech Expo. The AI Expo World Series will make its first stop in London for the Global event in April (18-19th), attracting attendees from around the world, before heading to Amsterdam (June 27-28th) for the European arm of the series. The final stop in 2018 will see the event return to the heart of Silicon Valley (November 28-29th) and based on the growth over the last year, this one is not to be missed.

The 2018 World Series is set to welcome 32,000 attendees, 1000+ industry leading speakers and 900+ exhibitors so if you want to explore the AI ecosystem and experience the latest technologies first hand, make sure you register for the AI Expo.

This year’s agenda will highlight the most innovative advancements and strategies from the world of AI, with a particular focus on Enterprise and Consumer industries. There will be case studies and dedicated tracks covering the entire AI ecosystem including AI in the Enterprise, AI and the Consumer, AI for Developers and Bot & Virtual Assistant Development.

The two-day event will cover the AI ecosystem with 4 niche conference tracks; AI in the Enterprise, AI and the Consumer, AI for Developers and Bot & Virtual Assistant Development. 

There are a range of tickets available from free passes to all-access conference and networking passes, take advantage of ‘super early bird’ prices across all 3 shows.

To learn more about the AI Expo and register for your pass, visit the corresponding sites:

Global – 18-19 April, London:

Europe – 27-28 June, Amsterdam:

North America – 28-29 November, Silicon Valley:

Link to Full Article: Read Here

We are changing our Name to into.AI

We are changing our Name to into.AI

We are pleased to announce that the name of our website is changing from to into.AI

We have already started the process of moving, our social media channels are migrating to the new name including our twitter account @into_AI

We hope are name is more accessible, less confusing and aligned well with our other site names;

into.AI is the portal for all of these sites, and the starting point in your AI journey of learning and knowledge.

We are building the global AI ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence via our AI Knowledge and Community Platform.

Please join us and get involved.

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