10 Questions You Must Ask Your Bot Mitigation Vendor

Today, bots are a hot topic; one that affects all web applications. As a result, many bot mitigation vendors are trying to latch onto this trend by claiming to have the ability to detect and mitigate bots. It’s only natural that you’ll want evaluate the claims of these vendors. Use these 10 questions to help differentiate between solutions to make an informed decision. 1) How does your solution deal with advanced persistent bots? Today’s bots are more sophisticated than ever. In fact, these bots are so different from the primitive bots of yore, we’ve created a new term to describe them: APBs, or Advanced Persistent Bots. An Advanced Persistent Bot has the ability to dynamically rotate IP addresses and to distribute their attacks over hundreds or thousands of IP addresses.…

Link to Full Article: 10 Questions You Must Ask Your Bot Mitigation Vendor

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