A brief history of artificial intelligence beating humans

It’s surprising that we haven’t held up Elon Musk as our saviour, given his public fears for a future in which super-intelligent AIs could take over the world. Haven’t we grown up with stories of AIs going bad? HAL, SHODAN, Skynet, WOPR, Ash—they should surely have taught us that cold computer brains are going to be our downfall. But today we live in a world with the soothing voice of Siri and recent movie stories that focus far more readily on how the fallibility of AI is down to the fragile people behind it. But forget all that touchy-feely stuff about how we should be nice to robots. We keep building AIs and we’re starting to lose our edge to them. It’s time to remember the true horror of a…

Link to Full Article: A brief history of artificial intelligence beating humans

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