A Glimpse Into Tomorrow’s Artificially Intelligent HR Departments

The date: Saturday, August 15, 2026. The place: your home. It’s Saturday, 10:00 AM. You’re late. You opened your eyes for the first time an hour after your personal training session with Kareem was scheduled to start. You have a panicky moment—how could this happen; you set your alarm; you’re never late—and then you see the text: Hi, it’s Kareem. The baby’s sick. I’m so sorry, but I had to cancel on you. If you woke up late, it’s because the cancellation triggered an alarm readjustment. Remember? ? See you Monday at 6! You do remember: the alarm readjustment is a function of the scheduling system Kareem uses with his clients. You smile to yourself, pleased. Then you remember your work dream—it was a bad one… Before you know it,…

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