A non-computer science researcher in artificial intelligence

Among AI specialists, my specificity may surprise: I am an independent non-computer researcher, graduate from a French top business school. All my R & D was conducted in France since 1986 by channelling computer scientists in the direction I wanted: producing an AI available to everyone. For these reasons the following discussion is written to be understood by everyone.

I have a business background in sales prospecting. My job was always to conquer new customers  and never to maintain a customer base. I sold computers, software, services, developers, and then artificial intelligence (from 1983). I started as a commercial engineer, then I became a branch manager, a regional director, a sales manager for a software company, and finally the founder and CEO of an AI start-up.

The point I want to make with this description of my background is that I have a long experience of the business world, therefore of the AI market, which is usually not the case of researchers and their managers. My clients were my partners, they tested my inventions one by one before buying them. Thanks to this proximity to the real world, I have made many discoveries that I will briefly describe here, well received by the market and sold.

At 70, I am old enough and not yet a dotard to share a useful vision of the AI. To be brief, my philosophy as a researcher in computer science boils down to this: I do not care about the power of algorithms, finely-tuned programming and the rules enacted in AI by great researchers. The only thing I care about is the user point of view: my AI must work! Optimizations will come later when I have competitors.

Real my full article on a mass-market ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

written by Jean-Philippe de Lespinay

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