A New Map of the Brain Redraws the Boundaries of Neuroscience

The image shows the pattern of brain activation (red, yellow) and deactivation (blue, green) in the left hemisphere when listening to stories in the MRI scanner. Matthew F. Glasser/David C. Van EssenYour brain is a strange three-pound lump in your head that also happens to determine your personality, control your movements, and hold all of your hopes and dreams. Neuroscientists have been mapping the brain for centuries to try to tease apart its inner workings. But people are complicated, and so are brains—intricate bits of biology packed with neurons and axons and all the synapses that tie them together. That hasn’t stopped neuroscientists from trying. Just like regular maps, brain maps are useful points of reference. Scientists use them to agree on what they’re studying in the first place, say, by pointing…

Link to Full Article: A New Map of the Brain Redraws the Boundaries of Neuroscience

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