Abstract Science, Neuroscience: Aug. 8-12

Aug 12, 2016 Imaging gene activity in the brain, our microbiome and the brain, and the power of neural prosthetics. This week in Abstract Science. (STAT, 8/10/2016, Sharon Begley) An elegant new neuroimaging tool shows for the first time where genes are being turned on oroff in living brains. The new technique is a cousin of PET, which detects the emission of positrons from radioactively tagged glucose, the brain’s energy source, and thus reveals which brain regions are active. This version of PET detects positrons coming from radioactively-tagged “Martinostat,” a small molecule created in 2012 by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital that is given intravenously and able to slip past the blood-brain barrier. By revealing DNA’s on-off choreography in brains that are still thinking, feeling, and remembering, the new technique…

Link to Full Article: Abstract Science, Neuroscience: Aug. 8-12

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