Adobe and Berkeley’s new smart editing tool will blow your mind

Over the years, Adobe’s excellent software has firmly established the company as one of the most influential sources of innovation in image manipulation and it seems the Photoshop-maker intends to keep things this way. The company has partnered up with researchers from the University of Berkeley to develop a kickass new editing tool that uses deep learning to help you realistically manipulate images in real-time – and the results are going to absolutely blow your mind. In a paper titled Generative Visual Manipulation on the Natural Image Manifold, the researchers detail an interesting new method that generates “photo-realistic samples” based solely on a few brush strokes from the user. The tool applies modifications to the original photo by taking your input into account and using the intelligent generative algorithm to keep the outcome as realistic as possible. In…

Link to Full Article: Adobe and Berkeley’s new smart editing tool will blow your mind

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