After board games, it’s now time for AI to take on Doom!

Can an AI pick up a rocket launcher when needed and defeat game bots within Doom? Beating board games is one thing, but can Artificial Intelligence play Doom like humans? That’s exactly what the IEEE Computational Intelligence and Games Conference (CIG) will find out, in September this year. The Visual Doom Competition, part of the CIG, invites AI researchers to use a platform known as Vizdoom to create their own AI that will then take on bots from the game, in Doom. You’re probably asking how AI bots are different from the bots you play against usually. You see, bots usually have access to all of a game’s maps, character positions, objects and other internal data. This gives them a huge advantage over humans, who have to learn the same…

Link to Full Article: After board games, it’s now time for AI to take on Doom!

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