AI Apps for the Supply Chain Make the 2017 Hotlist

A recent multinational crackdown on illegal activity in the anonymous channels of the so-called Darknet recently resulted in multiple arrests around the world. But how much the dragnet will help to thwart the distribution of counterfeit electronics and other illicit goods in the future remains in question.  “Operation Hyperion,” consisting of law enforcement agencies from the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the European Union’s Europol, is what the group said is a first step in prosecuting those who break laws while hiding their identities with software such as Tor on the Darknet. The law enforcement agencies’ dragnet in October mainly involved counterfeit pharmaceuticals and data, but also lead to arrests of perpetrators brokering electronic components, chemical toxins, stolen credit card information, and even services used for…

Link to Full Article: AI Apps for the Supply Chain Make the 2017 Hotlist

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