AI Begins to Understand the 3-D World

Researchers at UC Berkeley are working with a machine from Rethink Robotics to help AI gain an understanding of how objects in the real world can be manipulated. There’s been some stunning progress in artificial intelligence of late, but it’s been surprisingly flat.Now AI researchers are moving beyond two-dimensional images and pixels. Instead they’re building systems capable of picturing the three-dimensional world and taking action. The work could have a big impact on robotics and self-driving cars, helping to make machines that can learn how to act more intelligently in the real world. “An exciting and important trend is the move in learning-based vision systems from just doing things with images to doing things with three-dimensional objects,” says Josh Tenenbaum, a professor in MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.…

Link to Full Article: AI Begins to Understand the 3-D World

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