AI boffins turn to StarCraft to train future neural networks

TorchCraft to build machine-learning agents from cosmic battles StarCraft could be the next battleground for AI, as researchers create an open framework that tests deep-learning methods in the real-time strategy game. Teaching AI to play games is serious business. Games act like milestones; when a machine is superior to humans at playing difficult games, it’s a sign that its neural net has reached a new level of intelligence. IBM’s supercomputer, Deep Blue, conquered chess in the late 1990s. This year, Google DeepMind achieved notoriety for creating Alpha Go, an AI that beat Go master Lee Sedol. The next game in researchers’ sights is StarCraft. A paper [PDF], released on Thursday by eggheads at Facebook and the University of Oxford, presents a new way to test deep-learning methods on real-time strategy…

Link to Full Article: AI boffins turn to StarCraft to train future neural networks

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