AI, Bots, and Canvases, Part II: Cortana to rule the world

In 2016 bots and artificial intelligent digital assistants seem to be the Next Big Thing. Back in 2014 I posited that Cortana would be the intelligent, voice-engaged UI for our increasingly mobile experiences. As a mediator between our “will” and our apps, I thought that she would effectively make apps “invisible” as she became the ambient user interface of our mobile computing lifestyles. As Microsoft continues to evolve Cortana toward the vision the company sees for its AI digital assistant, I’ve seen that my 2014 analysis was not entirely correct. Nor was it entirely wrong. I did not foresee bots. Nor did I identify human language as the next user interface as Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, did this year. My analysis identified Cortana (at least for Microsoft’s ecosystem) as the…

Link to Full Article: AI, Bots, and Canvases, Part II: Cortana to rule the world

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