AI Brain Mapping: Closer to Reality Than You’d Think

AI expert Neil Jacobstein talks fintech, machine learning, Big Data, and building artificial brains. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has flown beneath the radar for the first six decades of its development, and just recently it’s exploded into public consciousness, according to Neil Jacobstein. The AI & Robotics co-chair at Singularity University and former CEO of Teknowledge Corporation believes the combination of humans, AI, and good business processes is disrupting the very ground we stand on in financial technology (Fintech) and beyond as we already use machine learning tools to augment the power of the human brain. At Singularity University’s Exponential Finance conference today, Jacobstein pointed to examples like Google’s AlphaGo wiping the floor with world champion Lee Sedol, and how quickly the world shifted from a state of shock to seizing…

Link to Full Article: AI Brain Mapping: Closer to Reality Than You’d Think

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