AI deep learning system helps keep lawns cat poop-free

Everything from sequencing genomes to writing sick rap beats can be tackled by deep learning software nowadays. By feeding in databases of information, we’re helping AIs learn better over time, whether that means helping autonomous cars process their environment, tracking hands in virtual spaces, or letting barista-bots figure out how to use a new coffee machine on their own. Apparently, it can also help keep cats from pooping on your lawn. This high-tech solution to an everyday problem comes from the mind of a Nvidia systems software engineer by the name of Robert Bond. He’s the kind of guy who builds an automated laser-firing “Ant Annoyer” to entertain his grandkids. Motivated by the dual desires to learn about neural net software and keep his lawn cat poop-free, Bond rigged up…

Link to Full Article: AI deep learning system helps keep lawns cat poop-free

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