AI milestone: Computer bests ‘most complex game devised by humans’

An artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo, faced off with European champion Fan Hui in the strategy game Go. The tournament lasted five games, with a final score of 5-0. The computer won.AlphaGo wasn’t a perfect player, it did make mistakes, according to Mr. Hui. “This gives me confidence,” he said in a video of the tournament. “But I lose all my games.”Defeating the human professional player was a feat long considered one of the greatest challenges of artificial intelligence. But it was how AlphaGo did it that was most astounding. In what the researchers call deep learning, the computer program honed its skills and taught itself new strategies.Jonathan Schaeffer, an artificial intelligence researcher not associated with AlphaGo, calls this “a massive leap forward.”AlphaGo, devised by the Google DeepMind team, achieved “one of the longstanding grand…

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