AI: One of the Biggest Threats to the Future of Humanity

Of the many doomsday scenarios, one of the more popular ones involves a giant asteroid hitting our planet. Again. Much like what happened when the dinosaurs went extinct. With the advent of technology, there’s a new apocalyptic scenario that has emerged. And it involves our planet being taken over by robots, replacing us and doing everything we can do. That includes reproducing and replicating themselves. But those are just robots that can be programmed to do mechanical tasks. What happens when these robots are given the ability not just to do stuff, but to think about what to do as well? That’s what artificial intelligence (AI) is about. And as the AI systems keep growing and progressing, a new threat is brewing.  And it’s so far-fetched that it’s hard to…

Link to Full Article: AI: One of the Biggest Threats to the Future of Humanity

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