Airspace Systems’ “Interceptor” can catch high-speed drones all by itself

San Leandro based Airspace Systems is making a business out of solving the toughest problems facing the emerging drone industry.The company designed a drone of its own, jam packed with sensors and machine intelligence, to autonomously intercept threatening drones at high speeds and carry them away from large crowds. If you think this sounds difficult, you would be right. The company employs a myriad of technologies for its unmanned flying dogfighters that include computer vision, physics, and some pretty serious engineering grit. To not only detect enemy drones, but predict where they will be in the future, CTO Guy Bar-Nahum, and a team of machine learning and computer vision experts, devised a creative method of training their machine learning frameworks using simulated test-flights. The idea is brilliant because of how it resembles the way human pilots…

Link to Full Article: Airspace Systems’ “Interceptor” can catch high-speed drones all by itself

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