Amazon’s researcher says software may let us understand our pets within a decade

Oh, the stories they could tell and the questions they could answer if only we could understand their barks and meows! Imagine, after Gadget the Jack Russell picks a fight — again — with the hulking Rottweiler next door, you could ask, “Whatever was going through your little doggy pea brain?” and you’d get a comprehensible answer. Imagine, after Fluffy the tabby hurls up a furball on your new Persian carpet, just two inches away from the easily cleanable tile floor, you could throw up your hands and demand, “Why? Why?” and kitty could tell you why. Well, this is the future, and it’s closer than you might think, if Amazon-funded researcher William Higham is to be believed. In connection with Amazon’s new “Shop the Future” online store, London futurist Higham was commissioned by the Seattle e-commerce giant to produce a report, which concluded that pet translation devices could prove viable, according to The Guardian. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, devices that can understand dogs may arrive within a decade, Higham told the news site. “Innovative products that succeed are based around a genuine and major consumer needs,” he said. “The amount of money now spent on pets – they are becoming fur babies…

Link to Full Article: Amazon’s researcher says software may let us understand our pets within a decade

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