America’s Spies Want to Speed Up IBM’s Quest for a Quantum Computer

Subscribe Receive daily email updates: Subscribe to Defense One Today. Be the first to receive updates. Author As we approach the physical limits of shrinking the components on computer chips, it’s getting harder to attain more computing power. But quantum computers—which rely on the strange properties of atom-sized logic gates—could have exponentially more power than even today’s most advanced supercomputers. These machines could be used to develop new drugs, crack codes, or potentially even create true artificial intelligence. IBM has been working on quantum computers for decades, and now it has the support of the US intelligence agencies. On Nov. 8, IBM announced that IARPA, the intelligence community’s research arm, had awarded the company a multi-year grant to continue its research into building quantum computers. Classical computers—everything from the giant mainframes that…

Link to Full Article: America’s Spies Want to Speed Up IBM’s Quest for a Quantum Computer

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