Are you Siri-ous? Inside Apple’s Artificial Intelligence revolution

Joaquin Phoenix and operating system Samantha in Her.  In the 2013 cinematic cautionary tale, Her, director Spike Jonze introduced us to a world where a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence – given life by the voice of Scarlett ‘I-gargle-daily-with-cognac’ Johansson – is available to anyone with a smartphone, regardless of the consequences. Over the course of the movie, beginning with the familiar unboxing of a new device to the final pragmatic, yet romantic, epiphany, the protagonist ends up falling in love with his AI, Samantha, sharing with the digital individual his most secret desires in the process. The disturbing reality is, this isn’t the future and you’ve likely been doing this already with your iPhone. Apple’s Siri made a big splash when the wisecracking digital assistant debuted in 2011. Photo: Paul Sakuma Hey…

Link to Full Article: Are you Siri-ous? Inside Apple’s Artificial Intelligence revolution

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