Artificial Intelligence Beats Human at Ancient Game ‘Go’

Google’s London-based DeepMind artificial intelligence has beaten Fan Hui at Go, the game’s European champion. It’s also won more than 99% of its games against competing AIs. “This is a really big result, it’s huge,” according to French programmer Rémi Coulom. He tried to accomplished the same thing that DeepMind’s AlphaGo program has with a project called Crazy Stone, but previously believed AI mastery of the game was still years away. The AI hasn’t been programmed explicitly to win at Go, however. It’s managed to learn the game itself, using a general purpose algorithm. It’s already done the same thing with nearly 50 other arcade games, but Go is a different beast. The game’s intricacies have eluded even the most sophisticated AI until now. Before AlphaGo took on Fan Hui, it studied 30 million advanced…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence Beats Human at Ancient Game ‘Go’

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