Artificial Intelligence can now be used to create fake videos from audio clips

A new algorithm that can create realistic looking video of speech from audio files has been revealed in a paper published by the University of Washington. The paper states that the technique can be utilized in order to allow video conferencing platforms like Skype to operate even when the user’s bandwidth isn’t high enough to support video. While we can see how it could work with that application, it is far easier to see how this technology could be used as a manipulative tool. What’s interesting is that the team decided to use President Obama as the test subject. According to the paper, the reason for using Obama is the vast amount of high-quality footage that exists of him online that is free to use. A large amount of ‘stock footage’ is needed to create the videos. You can see a sample of the footage created below:The algorithm is trained using hours of footage of Obama speaking, tracking his vocal patterns, and physical mannerisms like: “his head stops moving when he pauses his speech (which we model through a retiming technique)” in order to recreate realistic speech.The obvious problem that this could be used to create ‘fake news’ is only amplified by the…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence can now be used to create fake videos from audio clips

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