Artificial Intelligence In Trading: Behold The Future

Mark Zuckerberg has just built a digital home assistant (Jarvis). This achievement took over social networks, and every internaut wanted his own Jarvis. This reflects quite well where the world is headed. In a few years’ time, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will undoubtedly be part of people’s daily lives. Research about machine learning and neuronal networks are “hot” topics, and intelligent algorithms are improved continuously. Given that AI is about to be used in all aspects of one’s quotidian life, one could investigate how it will change the finance industry, and more specifically trading. This article aims to draw a clear picture of the current implementation of AI in trading, as well as the potential generalisation of this process and ways to invest now. More and more hedge funds see…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence In Trading: Behold The Future

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