Artificial Intelligence is winning the race with humans; can we hold our own?

From playing games to diagnosing disease, humans are losing out to AI By Warren Miller, contributing writer Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to gain ground in the race to best humanity in every possible field. As new algorithms develop, in particular those combining big data, deep learning and quick evolution, it’s not clear where we can hold our own. Just look at a few recent reports of AI victories. AI programs have a clear advantage over humans when playing perfect knowledge games: games where all information is available to both players. A computer can just look at all the possible moves, look several moves into the future, and pick a winning line. Checkers, for example, is one game that an AI program can beat any human player at by using this brute force approach. AI programs for more complex games, like Go, can’t use this approach; there are just too many moves for even the fastest available computer to outmuscle its human opponent. In such games the AI must understand strategy and make educated guesses to determine the most favorable moves. These types of algorithms have improved dramatically over the last few years, and recently a Google AI algorithm beat the…

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