Artificial intelligence just isn’t as smart as everyone thinks

Lee Sedol, the reigning world champion in Go, played a five-game tournament against Google’s “AlphaGo” computer in March 2016. (Google/Getty)There’s a lot of angst around artificial intelligence these days. It’s the media’s role to point out problems that need to be addressed, and with AI’s quick growth—demonstrated poignantly with the recent defeat of Go champion Lee Sedol by a Google computer—it’s a worthwhile subject to discuss.However, there is always the likelihood that such conversations take on an unnecessarily alarmist tone, which is probably the way things are going when it comes to AI. It doesn’t help when luminaries such as Stephen Hawking say that AI “could spell the end of the human race.”Meet the artificial intelligence tech your company can use todayMany people who actually work within the field cringe when they read such…

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