Artificial Intelligence Peers Into The Hearts Of Galaxies

At the Australian National University (ANU), researchers have created a program where they can now use artificial intelligence to look into the hearts of turbulent and messy galaxies. (Photo : ESA_NASA_AVO_Paolo Padovani) Researchers are now using artificial intelligence to peer into the hearts of thousands of galaxies, according to a recent study at the Australian National University (ANU). Like Us on Facebook Ph.D Astrophysics student Elise Hampton was fascinated with neural networks and galaxies, so she created a program where she could use artificial intelligence to help her to see into the hearts of galaxies, according to a news release. “I love artificial intelligence. It was actually a very simple program to write, once I learnt how,” Hampton said. “The program took eight minutes to analyze 300,000 data points from 1,188…

Link to Full Article: Artificial Intelligence Peers Into The Hearts Of Galaxies

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