Automation to Artificial Intelligence: New Frontiers for Auditors

News flash: Artificial intelligence (AI) and other cognitive technologies are eliminating jobs left and right. Bloomberg reports as many as 5 million jobs by 2020. Oh, calamity. Should auditors be worried? The short answer is no…don’t lose sleep over it. Why? First off, cognitive technologies (even super cool advanced ones) are best with structured tasks and finding patterns. You know, auditing grunt work. I assume most sane people would prefer to not be subjected to the mundane, mind-numbing work anyway and say, “Go ahead, automate the cross-footing and put me out of my misery!” Computers, like IBM Watson, empower and augment auditors’ job, but are far from replacing us. For example, it’s going to be a long time before computers can manage to exercise professional skepticism — an auditor’s acclaimed…

Link to Full Article: Automation to Artificial Intelligence: New Frontiers for Auditors

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