Backchannel dives deep into Apple’s ‘iBrain’

Good morning. Online tech magazine scores a stunning story Did you realize that on July 30, 2014, “Siri had a brain transplant?” Backchannel, a terrific technology and business publication, discloses that after users became chagrined with Siri’s weaknesses — most notably, frequently misunderstood commands — Apple “moved Siri voice recognition to a neural-net based system for U.S. users on that late July day (it went worldwide on Aug. 15, 2014.)” What does that mean? Essentially, “when users made the upgrade, Siri still looked the same, but now it was supercharged with deep learning.” So now comes what is claimed to be the tale of “Siri’s transformation, revealed for the first time here,” which Backchannel Editor Steven Levy concedes might leave some experts in artificial intelligence initially nonplussed (he quotes one…

Link to Full Article: Backchannel dives deep into Apple’s ‘iBrain’

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