Baidu releases open source AI code

Baidu, a massive Chinese web company along the lines of Google, has released artificial intelligence software WARP-CTC on GitHub. WARP-CTC, developed at Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI lab, was created to improve speech recognition in Baidu’s end-to-end speech recognition program Deep Speech 2. WARP-CTC functionality in Deep Speech 2 has been shown to allow speech recognition in English and Mandarin, and in some cases the program is better at speech recognition than humans. Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist for Baidu, stated, “For short phrases, out of context, we seem to be surpassing human levels of recognition.” WARP-CTC builds upon an AI fundamental called connectionist temporal classification. Finding existing CTC AI functions slow and cumbersome, the team at Baidu parallelized the CTC algorithm for increased speed and functionality. The WARP-CTC software released today…

Link to Full Article: Baidu releases open source AI code

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