Bat Sounds Offer Clues to Conservation and Climate Change

Bats might not have the iconic howl of the gray wolf or the movie-famous screech of a red-tailed hawk, but the calls they do make through echolocation generate diverse and unique sounds. Now, scientists believe bat sounds could offer hints about how the winged mammals are dealing with climate change and help inform future conservation efforts. That’s good news, because bats are in trouble. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, 26 bat species are critically endangered—meaning they face an imminent risk of extinction—51 others are listed as endangered, and 954 bat species are considered vulnerable. They’re also among the most under-studied of mammals.  To get a better grasp on identifying populations and different species in an environment, researchers are creating a reference library of bat noises to…

Link to Full Article: Bat Sounds Offer Clues to Conservation and Climate Change

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