Best and Worst of Neuroscience and Neurology – October 2015

In this review, I’m presenting a selection of research articles published in October. As usual, many new interesting findings were made public this month, and the small selection in this article reflects mostly my personal opinion of their importance. On the 9th of October, scientific community marked the birthday of Sir Peter Mansfield. Peter Mansfield received the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his works on magnetic resonance imaging. The research of Professor Mansfield laid both theoretical and technical foundation for acquisition of internal body images with the use of MRI and the development of methods of functional MRI. These days, fMRI is one of the most commonly used techniques in both neuroscience research and in clinical settings. In fact, around half of the studies listed below used…

Link to Full Article: Best and Worst of Neuroscience and Neurology – October 2015

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