Bing Predicts sets its sights on US primary elections

The Bing Predicts team and their machine-learning tools are working hard to remind us that Bing is more than a search engine tool and Google competitor. After using their crystal ball right before the NFL Playoffs and the Golden Globes awards, Bing is leveraging the 2016 election as another occasion to perfect their magic. Before the Iowa Caucus on February 1, Microsoft is warming up to add more data to the Bing Political Index (BPI), which explains where each candidate stands on the key issues. If you’re wondering how Microsoft does its tricks, the team details on a blog post that they’re relying on machine-learning models gathering data from polls, prediction markets, and anonymized aggregated search-engine queries. Of course, forecasts need to be revised often because public opinion is constantly evolving.…

Link to Full Article: Bing Predicts sets its sights on US primary elections

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